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一千零一个中国品牌故事 | 莲花演说

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一千零一个中国品牌故事 | 莲花演说

First story
The man draggedhome tiredly, his wife asked, "Why are you back so late? Is there someoneoutside?"
The man suddenlyfelt very angry and said to his wife, "Why don't you understand me somuch?"
The next day, theywent to the Civil Affairs Bureau to exchange for a certificate ...

Second story
After the class,the teacher said to the students, "If it is this grade again, I willadvise you to transfer to school. It will be difficult to keep up withyou."
Going home, themother accused the child with a test paper hating iron and steel, saying,"After another year of college entrance examination, what do you think youshould do, which school you can take, and what you will do in the future! Whynot Fight for it. "
In the evening, thetutor said, "Why did you learn it so many times that you just didn't do itright?"
That night, thestudent jumped from the tutor's home and died on the spot. He was only 16 yearsold ...

Third story
After ten years ofhard study, he was a well-known school bull. At interviews with famouscompanies, the interviewer told him, "Introduce yourself."
He said, "Ah... um ... I ... I'm ..."
The interviewersaid, "I'm sorry, please next."
Stepping out of thedoor, he crouched against the wall, tearing his resume to pieces ...

Fourth story
The team preparedfor a whole month, carefully compiled various programs, and finally ushered inthe much-anticipated annual meeting.
The chairman slowlywalked up to the podium with the warm applause of the employees, and raised themicrophone before he realized that the speech fell on the seat. He looked atthe crowd under the stage, his bright eyes, and suddenly felt shortness ofbreath and cold sweat on his head. Your feet are shaking ...
He couldn't helpbut move to the middle of the podium, but this accidentally dropped themicrophone to the ground, and the audience burst into excitement and heard amuffled laughter.
He was completelypanicked, and could not remember the contents of the speech. He bent down a bitawkwardly, picked up the microphone and coughed twice: "Haha, everyone,eat well, drink well! Thank you!"
Then fleeing fromthe stage like a flee, returning to the seat, quickly picking up a tissue andwiping sweat, the intense heartbeat can't disappear for a long time in my ears...

Fifth story
At the commercialroadshow, he held a team of business plans that he had been working on for awhole month, and had 200,000 high-viscosity fans with confidence.
When the microphonewas passed to him, the investor said, "Please explain your project inthree sentences."
He said, "Uh... what we do is ... yes ..."
The investor said,"Thank you, please next."
He sat down sadly,the partners all bowed their heads sadly, patted his shoulder, got up and left...

Sixth story
In the ancienttimes, Jia Yi's words caused a hundred years of war, and Zhang Yi's three-inchnon-rotten tongue arrived at a million male lions.
History isinterpreted by people, society is interpreted by people, and life is changed bypeople.
Today, when we faceall kinds of tedious, all kinds of misunderstandings, all kinds of doubts, allkinds of contradictions, all kinds of grievances, we all say that this iscaused by people.
Suddenly lookingback, the three provinces are my body, this is-communication-caused!

Nth story

The "lotusspeech" originates from "tongue lotus, spit lotus". It mainlydescribes the population, is articulate, can speak well, and is as beautiful asa lotus. Lotus also means purity, integrity, and auspiciousness. Gu Yuejin tookthe "lotus speech". One of the reasons is that if people have a pureand upright heart and say auspicious words every time, people will rejoice intheir hearts, things will be smooth, their personality will be optimistic andtolerant, and their destiny will be even more. Shushun. Secondly, publicspeeches can speak kindly, just like a lotus flower.

In this rapidlychanging age of technology, mobile Internet has penetrated into every aspect ofour lives, changed the way we socialize, and seems to shorten the distancebetween people. On the contrary, "interpersonal communication" hasbecome a topic that everyone talks about. People are keen to learn"EQ", "IQ", and "handling interpersonalrelationships".

Gu Yuejinxin saidthat from the thousands of trainees who have difficulty with public speaking,he found that often speaking training in the right way not only allows morepeople to successfully solve public speaking obstacles, but also improvesCommunication and negotiation skills, along with daily interpersonalrelationships, have also improved. Today, Gu Yuejin Xin has helped thousands ofpeople who are confused because of communication and speech problems. Nowadays,Lotus speeches have spread across many first-tier cities across the country,and have become China's most influential interactive speech traininginstitutions, receiving a lot of praise from students.

For the past twelveyears, Gu Yuejinxin has devoted all his efforts and energy to the cause ofcommunication and speaking. In the future, he will continue as always ... Hejust hopes to help more people solve communication problems so that they willnot be affected by communication problems If you lose your family, you will notlose opportunities because of communication problems, you will not loseconfidence because of communication problems, and you will not regret your lifebecause of communication problems.

沟通,让你学会怎么好好生活;沟通,让你学会怎么面对他人;沟通,让你学会怎么认识自己;沟通,让你学会怎样把握机会;沟通,改变命运,演讲,改变人生……古月今心说:人一生,学会好好说话,你会发现满是惊喜 。 提升演讲,做一个懂得一对多、一对一沟通的人。
Communication letsyou learn how to live well; communication lets you learn how to face others;communication lets you learn how to know yourself; communication lets you learnhow to grasp opportunities; communication, changes fate, lectures, changes life... Gu Yue Jinxin said: In your life, learn to speak well, you will find itfull of surprises. Improve the presentation and be a person who understandsone-to-many and one-to-one communication.



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